Naturally Heal Sunburn with….Yogurt

Naturally Heal Sunburn with….Yogurt

Since it’s summer and many of us tend to spend a lot of time outside, a sunburn can be pretty common even if you are wearing sunscreen. So what is one of the best natural remedies for sunscreen? I will let you in on a little secret….it’s Yogurt! You are probably sitting there scratching your head saying, “Yogurt!?”. Yes my friends, yogurt!!

My family has been treating our sunburns with yogurt since I was a kid and it is still my go to method to treat sunburns. The yogurt is very cooling and it seems to literally absorb the heat from your burned skin. We usually apply it daily on sunburns and it  takes about  4-5 applications to eliminate the redness. Also you usually don’t peel after the fact, which is a huge plus. Real Yogurt is full of active cultures, calcium, protein, zinc which can help rejuvenate the skin. The Lactic Acid in yogurt is also said to dissolve the dead skin cells. 

I specifically remember one instance where I was so thankful to have some yogurt. My parents and I were on vacation in Bulgaria when I was a teen and we were at the beach on the Black Sea all day. Lets just say my back was FRIED! Worst sunburn I have ever had! It was so painful but my awesome mom went out, purchased some yogurt and spent forever applying and reapplying it to my back. Thank you mom!

Make sure you buy real yogurt that contains live active cultures! Look for Live and Active Cultures Label (LAC) (all yogurt is made with live and active cultures yet most of them are destroyed from pasteurization so read the label!)

How to Apply;

*Test on a small area of your skin prior to use*

1. Place about 1 cup of yogurt in a bowl (more or less depending on sunburned areas)

2. Gently Dab/Apply a layer of yogurt on to the effected areas (It might be cold!)

3. Allow to sit for about 10-20 minutes (I usually leave it on until it dries)

4. Rinse the yogurt off in the shower and re-apply daily

Variations (You can mix in some carrier oils alone or with essential oils or you can add in some real aloe vera gel along with the yogurt for extra help)

Some Essential Oils Good for Sunburn;




Chamomile German and Roman

Canadian Balsam

Clove Bud

Tea Tree



My dear husband agreed and allowed me to take photos of his sunburned feet for this post. If you were wondering, no he did not get a sunburn on purpose and yes I decided to write this post after he got a sunburn and a pretty bad one too! I won’t go into details but we were sitting in the kiddie pool with our daughter (for who knows how long…but obviously too long) and my husband and I got a sunburn. Our daughter on the other hand was wearing the homemade sunblock I made recipe here and didn’t even look slightly pink. Proud Mommy moment there 🙂 My sunburn was pretty mild but my poor husband got burned really bad. He was literally begging me to go buy some yogurt…okay not really but I insisted 🙂 It helped him a lot!

 Yogurt for Sunburn 

Husband’s Sunburned Feet

Yogurt for Sunburn

Yogurt Application

Yogurt for Sunburn 

This is after applying the yogurt 2 times and give or take a few days. Looks much better!


We all have different skin types and our bodies react differently towards sun exposure and the amount of time we spend out in the sun. Although I do firmly believe that short increments of sun exposure are extremely vital and beneficial for our bodies, we sometimes need to use sunscreen for those long periods of being outside. I am highly against most commercial sunscreens or “sunblock” due to the enormous amount of toxic chemicals found in them yet there are a few brands I would recommend if you opt out of making your own;
Badger All Natural Sunscreen, SPF 30, Unscented 2.9 oz (87 ml)

Raw Elements Eco Formula 30+ 3 Oz

Babo Botanicals 30 SPF Clear Zinc Sunscreen, 3 Ounce

Homemade Natural Sunscreen Recipe  

 Yogurt for Sunburn

**please note that this information is provided for entertainment purposes only. I am not and do not claim to be a Doctor or any other type of medical professional. Please speak with your Doctor or medical professional prior to making any changes in your daily life. Sprouting Healthy Habits and its writers are in no way responsible with how you choose to use this information. Please read full disclaimer here **

Yogurt for Sunburn

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  2. sarah john

    Thank you so much for sharing the remedy for sunburn because I don’t prefer using the medicines to cure skin issues. I will surely try this method.
    Please share a remedy for suntan as well.

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