Setting time aside daily to “unplug” from electronics

Setting time aside daily to “unplug” from electronics

Sometimes we find our selves still staring at a screen after countless hours of doing the same…exact…thing. We all do it, it isn’t a game of comparing to who does it and who doesn’t do it. It just happens in this day and age. This post isn’t about telling you how I spend all this time not staring at a screen, because I do it too. Probably more often than I should. We live in a fast paced society, constant phone calls, emails, social media, text messages, sounds etc. that we kind of get sucked into this other “world” so to speak.

I often wondered why it takes me so long to actually fall asleep at night. I seem to think about so many things when my head hits the pillow. I get new ideas, make plans, and goals. I think about my day and the good and bad things that may have happened. I think…about SO much before I actually dose off to sleep. Does anyone else do the same? I realized that I may experience that because throughout the day, I don’t usually get a chance as peaceful and quiet as when the lights are off and I’m laying down in my comfy bed. Being constantly bombarded, or allowing myself to be suffocated by electronics doesn’t allow me to think, plan, or even clear my head.

Even if I sit down to play with my daughter, the TV may be on in the background, or music is on in the background and it kind of zones you out. Thinking back to the best times of my life, I realize that they had absolutely nothing to do with electronics interfering with what was going on. Long talks with my husband, laughing with him, or laughing and talking with friends, playing with my daughter while everything around us is silent, or being out in nature. Those were the times my head was most clear and I was able to find so much more enjoyment in what I was doing.

I think that this is similar for all of us. We get caught up with life and don’t get a moment of peace. My goal is to try to set time aside daily, no phone, no emails, no work, no social media, no tv, tablet, or computer. I want to have conversations with people, or ponder on life and not just when I try to fall asleep at night. I want to be able to write things down in a journal since many of my ideas get lost after I fall asleep.

When we look back on our lives one day, we wont remember the tv shows we watched, electronic games we played, or the “conversations” on our social media pages. We also wont remember our emails, facetiming, or skyping. We will remember real conversations, things we make and do with our own hands, real human interaction, and real interaction with nature. So lets all try to give our selves a little bit of time daily to turn off all of your electronics and do something real. Even just an hour can go a long way. Do something you can remember one day, and allow your self some time to meditate, or think. The small amount of time we unplug on a daily basis will help us all communicate better, and give our minds a break from the constant attention of a screen, and it will let us think in peace.


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