Riding out the Storm-Life and dealing with Trials

Riding out the Storm-Life and dealing with Trials

We all go through trials and hard times in each of our lives. I really wanted to do a post about trials so to speak since it hits close to home for everyone. I’m not sure if it’s my personality or what exactly though out my life caused this, but I really feel for other people. I can’t tell you how many countless times I’ve cried because someone else was going through something in their lives that I knew was causing them physical, emotional, or mental pain. I don’t show this side of myself to others often and I don’t know why, it may be because I feel like some might see it as a weakness, or others might not feel comfortable sharing their trials with others but regardless it’s there for me. I like being there for others and I am really open with listening to people vent because I know how good it feels to be able to talk to someone.

You know the saying that you shouldn’t judge others because you never know what they are going through? That simple statement is more than just the truth. I feel like everyone has their own battles on a daily basis and there truly is no way to understand what others go through. We are all so different and different things effect us very differently. Our struggles and trials can effect our daily lives sometimes which can cause us to loose focus of our daily activities or cause us to not be able to fully do the things that we can normally do just fine. I remember one time specifically that I personally felt so vulnerable due to someone else judging and not even acknowledging that others have struggles, trials, or things they just can’t do as well. I was working at a previous job of mine in a customer service and this lady came in to pick up a large case of toilet paper. She requested that the case be brought to the front desk for her to pick up because she was in a hurry and couldn’t wait at the back for the case at the door which was the common routine. I had the case brought up for her waiting at the counter and unfortunately we were pretty busy at the time so she ended up having to wait a few minutes for us to finish helping other customers. Once I finished helping the previous customer she came up to my computer so I could finish her order. She gave me a hard time through out the entire order with her complaints about how long it was taking. I was pregnant at the time maybe about 4-5 months so my emotions were at an all time high but I’m not one to be rude to others so I kept my cool. On her way out after clearly stating she wasn’t happy with me or the company. She went to pick up her case of toilet paper and made it a point to state that I didn’t help here carry the heavy case to her car by saying “oh and by the way I have a bad back”. I can’t remember the rest of the exact words she said but I believe she also said something along the lines of her making her back worse because she had to carry the heavy case which she requested to be brought up front. All I managed to say was I’m sorry I can’t help you but I’m pregnant and am not supposed to lift heavy objects (I guess my belly wasn’t enough of a giveaway). She didn’t even hear the last part of my statement because she was quickly walking out the door. I don’t know why it upset me so bad or why I even still remember it but It really made me think and ponder upon how you shouldn’t think down on someone else because they can’t help you, or do something you are expecting because you just don’t know what they are going through. I can’t be mad at her or judge her because I too don’t understand what was going on in her life, I was just upset that she took it out on me.  I’m not perfect and I do get upset sometimes but when I can I try to think back to those type of situations and maybe I should have helped her out I’m not sure what I could have done differently to better the situation, but It reminds me not to get mad at others for anything because you never know what storm others are trying to sail through.

I also feel like one of the most helpful things when going through hard times in your own life is to help others. Somehow that alone brings you so much peace and the gift of giving is so much better than receiving. It can me the most simplest of things, like holding the door for someone or just doing a kind deed but it will lift you up and inspire you to do more good. Then hopefully when you are the one in need of a little help, someone else can be there for you. Another thing that keeps me going on a daily basis is that every experience, everything that you do that you may not want to do, and every trial that you face you learn something from it. It makes you grow, bigger than you were yesterday, smarter than you were yesterday and especially stronger than you were yesterday. You can take any situation and think back or use it to help you in the future. That in itself is so comforting to me because learning is so important and it’s something no one can take away from us. Sometimes It seems like certain things happen for a reason they may make you stronger in order to help you go through something harder in the future. Other times people go through something extremely difficult but it changes their lives and perspectives on life which can be for the better. I’m not saying all things are meant to happen but in some cases I feel like they are. Another thing I can’t clarify enough is to be patient. Things can only get so bad before they get better. They may not be what you want or the path you expect to take but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. I know wounds never fully heal and a lot of times leave scars but those scars serve as a reminder to be a better person. A lot of the time it is the perspective you see a situation in and if you try to find the good in everything life will be good and those trials can be easier. Each day is a new beginning because the sun will always rise again tomorrow. I hope to inspire others to do better in their lives but also see the good they already have on a daily basis. Life is a beautiful thing and always remember that a trial isn’t just something that you go through, It is something that you grow through! Hang in there my friends, Whatever you may be going through it will get better!





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