Think About Your Goals!

Think About Your Goals!

I tend to think about GOALS a lot! I probably don’t write them down as much as I should and that’s something I am working on. I know many of us thought of goals or “resolutions” for the new year that we wanted to start in January and achieve this year. I know it has only been one month, but think back on your goal or goals…how far have you come so far? Did you not achieve as much as you hoped, did you over achieve, or did you even forget about your goals and resolutions all together?

REGARDLESS of your answer, it’s a new month, a new week, it is even a new day! So what better time than now to think about your goals again, make adjustments, changes, and plans to achieve your goals! Remember that now matter where you are in life, how young or old you are, YOU can ALWAYS better yourself, learn new things, even learn old things! You can make daily goals, weekly goals, monthly, yearly, 10-year and so on. Where do you want to be in 20 years from now? How are you going to get there? WRITE GOALS DOWN, make a checklist if it helps, and make a plan!

There is something so REWARDING when you achieve a goal, and when you look back and think about something you have achieved when that “something” is what you thought impossible at some point in your life. Anything is possible, if you tend to fall short on your goal, get back up and try again (on some occasions you may even realize that the “goal” was something you didn’t want after all and then you can make a new one). Don’t EVER put yourself down thinking you can’t do something because YOU CAN!

We all may feel like we “fail” sometimes, but failure only exists when you completely give up. Each time you don’t achieve your goal you LEARN something new, it’s an experience all on it’s own and by no means is that a failure! LEARNING is such an ACHEIVEMENT! My point is, if a goal takes 1,000,000 attempts or more, you are bound to find a way to achieve it and in reality the longer it takes you to reach a goal the more you will have learned! How amazing is that? It’s REALLY AMAZING! So now that it’s a new day, week, month or whatever take some time and think about your goals and start working towards achieving them! When the sun rises, you can always start or try again until you reach that one day where you can say “WOW I MADE IT”! We all have so much POTENTIAL and in our own ways,  keep in mind that the only person you should be comparing yourself to is you! It’s okay if you think someone is better at something than you are (who knows they might be) but if you are better than you were yesterday then that is a reason to be HAPPY AND SMILE! We all have different strengths and weaknesses and that’s the beauty of being HUMAN!

I know it is time for me to look at my goals again and I too fall short quite often (I even have a hard time getting back up and trying again sometimes) but a new day is a new beginning and I ALWAYS find so much comfort in that! My goal in January was to go vegan for a whole month and to see how I feel. I will admit I did eat meat a few times (not much) but I still did, and I would say I was for the most part “vegetarian” since I still ate cheese, yogurt, etc. on occasion. I am trying again this month! I was surprised to learn that I didn’t miss meat as much as I thought I would, I also learned that I don’t want to “classify” myself as something 100%. I know that on occasion I probably will eat certain things in my future and I am totally okay with this. I learned that the less meat I did eat the better I felt. I am so inspired to keep going and see where it takes me! January was a huge learning experience for me, not just with that goal but with others too. Overall I’m feeling great and happy to CONTINUE to set goals, to learn, and to achieve!

I hope all of you can do the same! I encourage you to take some time today and write down your goals. What are some goals you really wish to achieve this year?


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