One of the best natural ways to remove red carpet stains

One of the best natural ways to remove red carpet stains

The headache and panic attack you might get after someone spills a bright red liquid all over your carpet doesn’t have to happen. There are plenty of natural ways to clean things up and this one for red carpet stains and many other carpet stains, is one of my favorite. I try to avoid using chemicals throughout our house as much as possible. When cleaning, those chemicals fill the air and come in contact with your skin, you breath them in, and your children or animals come in contact with those things too. I hate the thought of that so the more natural ways I can find of doing  things the better. Also, I have heard that many of the commercial carpet stain removers that you find at your local store actually cause the stain to set in even more therefore making it harder for even a professional to get it out.

Before you jump right in please be mindful that; I am not a professional carpet cleaner and I do not pretend to be one. If you do decide to try this method use it at your own risk. Be sure to read Sprouting Healthy Habit’s Full Disclaimer prior to choosing to attempt anything. We are not responsible for any damages or accidents that may result from anything stated on this blog. If you do proceed to use this method make sure to test in an inconspicuous area on your carpet to make sure it doesn’t “bleach” your carpet or discolor it.

Now, I will start by saying that I regularly use this around my house. I have a toddler and 2 cats (practically toddlers) who regularly spill or stain my carpet. I’ve used this method for other carpet stains such as cat puke and it has brought my carpets back to its original color. One major incident was when my daughter spilled some strong BRIGHT RED beet juice all over the carpet in our upstairs living room. After cleaning carpet stains this way for ages, I still had my doubts that it would get the red color out and bring my carpet back to normal. To my surprise it worked wonders and if I went back to try and find where she spilled that juice… it would be impossible because well, it cleaned it ALL up!


*also please note that I have not tried this method on any dark carpets or multi colored carpets/rugs*

Step 1: Soak up the spill with a towel or rag (you can probably use a white one too as this method also works for laundry 🙂

Step 2: Pour Hydrogen Peroxide over effected carpet area *tip: use a dropper to get really tiny discolored spots or areas that the spill may have splashed over*

Step 3: Allow to sit for about 10 minutes

Step 4: Soak up excess hydrogen peroxide while scrubbing carpet with the towel

Step 5: Allow area to dry over night, by the next day the carpet should be back to its normal color, just brush it out with your hand to restore carpet fibers to original positionred-carpet-stains-1

Yikes! (Red Cranberry Juice Spill!)


Soak up excess liquid


Still red…


Pour Hydrogen Peroxide over red stain


If you have one…use a dropper to apply to tiny spots. Allow to sit for about 10 minutes


Soak up excess hydrogen peroxide




Still slightly damp and a little red or rather more pink…Allow to dry/sit overnight


Next morning… its gone!

Please read Sprouting Healthy Habit’s Full Disclaimer & if you do decide to test this out on your own carpet when you have a spill, be sure to try test in an inconspicuous area in case of any color changes it might cause to your carpet!

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