Oranges for temporary anxiety relief

Oranges for temporary anxiety relief

Every once and a while I tend to get anxiety, yet I don’t know how common it is for everyone else or how bad it can get. When I do get anxiety it usually lasts for about a day and ends up going away. I have trouble breathing and just can’t stay still. Unfortunately I had it really bad recently and I wanted to go about my day as normal but couldn’t because it was bothering me so bad.

I had heard rumors previously that oranges can ease anxiety temporarily and since I don’t take medicine unless I’m in absolute desperate need, I decided to see if it helped. I peeled a small amount of the skin from an orange and just smelled the sweet aroma for a few minutes. I continued to do so on my way out the door and into the car. To my surprise my anxiety slowly started going away. I peeled the rest of the orange and ate it because who can resist eating a fresh orange when it’s right in front of you! Then I went about my day as usual and guess what… I had no more anxious feeling.

My anxiety did come back about 3-4 hours later but I was still happy that such an easy trick helped me so much. I peeled and ate an orange again and even put the orange skin in a small pot to boil which somewhat worked as a diffuser and spread the orange aroma throughout the room.  Again it calmed me down and did so for the remainder of my night. I went to bed without anxiety and I’m sure sleeping helped the most but I was super happy with the results with just a simple natural remedy. If I had some orange essential oil at the time I would have also used that and diffused it but I wasn’t so lucky that time.

I love natural remedies and feel that they help me so much when I need them.  I am obviously not a doctor and I do not pretend to be. If you suffer from anxiety it would be best to speak with your health care provider prior to making any decisions on any health issues you may be having. The above mentioned is based on my opinion and does not mean it will work for everyone. Please read our disclaimer here



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