Natural Flu Remedies

Natural Flu Remedies

With Flu Season fast upon us I wanted to share with you some natural things you can do to help prevent colds as well as shorter them if you do catch one of those nasty bugs!


Manuka Honey– anti viral and anti bacterial…use in warm tea to speed up recovery

Detox bath– use Epsom salt, baking soda and essential oils to draw out toxins to help recover faster

Probiotics– help to replace good bacteria which in return helps to strengthen your immune system

Nedi pod– an all natural sinus cleanse to help ease and prevent sinus infections

Echinacea– herbal supplement to help strengthen immune system

Essential oils– lavender, oregano, eucalyptus, clove, tea tree, lemon just to name a few. Can use in a bath, directly on body or in a diffuser or humidifier

Garlic tea– helps fight off viruses use as a warm tea can soothe a sore throat

Lemons- tons of vitamin C to get you over a cold sooner

Elderberry syrup– high levels of vitamins ABC which will help prevent and speed up recovery for flu …helps support immune system and fight off viruses

Apple Cider Vinegar– helps to get rid of bacteria detox the body and bring back natural ph to your body

Do you have any other natural remedies that you use this time of year? Do share!


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