Natural Cleaning With Norwex

Natural Cleaning With Norwex

So Natural Cleaning throughout your home is a big deal! It means no breathing in harmful chemicals, no harmful chemicals being absorbed into your skin, and no harmful chemicals floating around then being consumed with your food. This goes for your family too! I ditched commercial cleaning products a few years ago, ironically enough I started doing so when I was working for a company that supplied strong commercial cleaning products to other companies, and hotels. I slowly started making some replacements, and eventually got a lot more into it especially when I got pregnant. I didn’t want to have my baby exposed to all that crap and especially so after she was born. (no offense to the company I worked for) I do often use simple things like vinegar, baking soda, herbs, essential oils etc. but one of my best friends introduced me to Norwex and when I found out the cool products they had I was sold on a lot of things!

If you haven’t heard of Norwex products you should totally check them out. Norwex is a company that started in Norway by making products to allow everyone to clean without using chemicals. Their mission is “improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.”  Since this was something I had been working on throughout my own home I was happy to find out about them. I currently use quite a few Norwex items around the house along with my other usual natural cleaning methods.

Their best product by far is their microfiber cloths. Most of their microfibers have silver woven into the fibers, and as we know silver has antibacterial properties. Therefore when you wipe with the high quality microfibers which have some major pick up power and allow your towel to dry, the silver doesn’t allow the bacteria to thrive therefore it dies off, leaving your towel bacteria free. So really you just need water and your Norwex towel and your good to go! Like anything else they still need to be washed over time especially if you are wiping peanut butter and jelly off your walls on a daily basis but overall it seems like I don’t have to wash mine as often as other towels/microfiber towels I have used previously. Their products can get a bit pricey but the items I have purchased so far it have lasted a really long time (and that’s so hard to find now days).

I was recently given the opportunity to host a party and even though I have previously been to other Norwex parties I feel like you can always learn something new! My friend Sheena is my Norwex consultant and she provided us with some great demonstrations and information. I personally don’t sell Norwex products but Sheena does, so if you ever want to look at their products, place an order, or even plan a party here is her link;

Sheena Perry Norwex Consultant

I encourage you to do your own research and test their products out for your self. Overall most of their products are worth the extra splurge. I have had a few of my towels for almost 2 years and they still work wonders. There is some discoloration from using it so much and sometimes they get a little stinky but after boiling them the dirt and debris comes right off and no more yucky smell. I just purchased their mop system and so far I love that too. It was a little scary (not going to lie here) when I saw all of the stuff it picked up off my floor! I do wish I had smoother floors since little things get trapped in my grout but maybe down the road I will try their tile mop pad. If you were wondering…no I am not being paid to sell or advertise their products, this is all my own personal honest opinion. If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to ask 🙂





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