Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

Mountain Rose Herbs is one of my favorite places to order essential oils, herbs, clay, tea, and all sorts of other cool stuff. They provide a large variety of high quality natural products and I purchase from them regularly. I don’t know if its just me but I get so excited when I get my supplies from them in the mail. I do tend to get overly excited when I buy anything really, but my excitement for buying natural products to help in our daily lives is beyond the normal excitement! Click the link above to browse through their website or place an order. They have some amazing teas and tea blend and most of their essential oils, herbs, etc are organic, or wild harvested (this was a huge plus for me when I found out about them. I’ve used other brands of essential oils and I have a few favorites mountain rose herbs being one of them! I must say that I am also pretty obsessed with their herbal tea. Just the smell of their herbs is so soothing!

Here are some things you can purchase on their website;


Herbs and Spices, Culinary Salts, Peppercorns, Resins and Burnables, Seasoning Blends, Seaweeds and Sprouting Seeds

Tea and Tea Supplies

Aroma Sprays, Diffusers and Burners, Essential Oils (Organic, Wild Harvested, or Cultivated without chemicals), Hydrosols,

Oil Blends and Resins, Butters, Carrier Oils, Clays, Cosmetic Salts, Flavoring Extracts, Wax

Bath Products, Products for Babies and Children, Body Care Products, Facial Care Products, Hair Care Products, Massage Oils

Bitters, Elixirs & Syrups, Capsules, Herbal Oils, Herbal Sprays, Supplements, Lozenges & Pastilles, Salves, Tinctures and Extracts

Books & DVDs, Candles, Gifts, Incense, Pet Supplies, Seeds

Glass and Plastic Jars and Bottles, Bags and Tins, Spice Bottles and Jars

and so much more!!


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