Meatless Sushi Balls

Meatless Sushi Balls

Sushi Balls Sushi Balls Sushi Balls Sushi Balls Sushi Balls

With Sushi being as popular as it is who wouldn’t want an easy way to make some at home? Well I have a recipe for you! It’s a meatless version but you can always add in other ingredients if you desire. This recipe does contain mayonnaise but if you prefer a vegan friendly version you just need to substitute the mayo. Also can I just say that this recipe is amazing! I probably make it more often than I should but you just can’t pass this one up. I usually make it for lunch but you can make it for dinners, snacks, or even parties! If you don’t feel like making the pretty sushi balls you can also just eat the stuff right out of the bowl. I won’t lie but I do this pretty often too! Call me crazy but I made these when we went camping last year, I received a few strange looks from family when I pulled them out but it was worth it. In a sense I can say I’ve had sushi while camping…I guess it does sound a little odd haha! My daughter likes them too just as long as they don’t turn out too spicy.

Meatless Sushi Balls
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  1. -1/2 cup of Organic Sushi Rice
  2. -1 Avocado
  3. -2 Scallions
  4. -4-5 sheets Sushi Nori (seaweed)
  5. -1/4 cup Toasted Almonds
  6. -1 T. Black Sesame Seeds
  7. -1 T. White Sesame Seeds
  8. -Soy Sauce (preferably organic or Nama Shoyu, there are GF options and even coconut Aminos would work) (use amount as desired)
  9. -1/4 cup mayonnaise (or vegan versions) (you can add more if you wish)
  10. -sriracha (amount depends on how spicy you want it)
  1. 1. Soak sushi rice for about 30 minutes before cooking, then cook as you normally would. (Usually about 1/2 cup rice and 1 cup water)
  2. 2. While the rice is cooking cut up your avocado, scallions, nori and crush the almonds.
  3. 3. Once rice is finished mix together the rice, avocado, scallions, nori, almonds, and sesame seeds
  4. 4. In a separate small bowl mix together your mayonnaise, soy sauce and sriracha until you get your desired amount of spicy and salty. Then mix sauce into rice bowl
  5. 5. Using plastic wrap and a tiny bowl place a large spoon full of the rice mixture into the plastic wrap and gather all of the sides together and twist to form sushi balls.
  6. 6. Serve with a side of soy sauce and sriracha
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