Juicing 101

Juicing 101

Juicing has become a huge trend lately and for good reasons. We juiced growing up so it wasn’t a new thing to me and I would love to share with you some of my favorite juicing tips!

1- Get the right juicer for you. Figure out whats important to you in a juicer…time, quality, money.  There are lots of different types and I talk about the difference in them here.

2- If you are new to juicing start out 50/50 with fruits and vegetables. Then slowly take away less fruit and add more green vegetable/herbs etc Fruits do have a higher amount of sugar in them and can spike your blow sugar. This is why it is important to not just juice straight fruits.

3- Buy in bulk then when you get home wash and chop all produce that you can. This way it will cut down the time it takes to juice in the morning.

4- Juice on an empty stomach. One reason why juicing is so good for you is the fact that you can get a large amount of nutrients into your body without the body having to break down tons of fiber and other ingredients. So make sure you juice on an empty stomach to get the maximum benefits

5- Find good shortcuts- When I used the breville juicer I would put a grocery bag in the container that gets all the pulp. That way it was one less part to clean.

6- Peel carrots, ginger, beets and lime/lemons etc because they can give your juice a real bitter taste

6- If you have a slow masticating juicer you can juice a couple batches at once. This is my favorite way to cut on time. I’ll juice enough for 3 days and store in the refrigerator. Read more about masticating juicers here.

7- Last is to keep at it! Juicing is a great way to cleanse and detox your body. At first your body will not be used to the taste of all those greens but you will slowly detox and before you know it you will be craving a good juice! (I can hardly look at a picture of a green juice without salivating now)


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