Infused Water

Infused Water

Water is vital for our bodies yet it can be hard to remember to drink up throughout the day. With all of the drinks available to us  in this day and age from sodas, “vitamin waters”, sweet drinks, energy drinks etc most people don’t even drink much pure water if any. Regardless even if you are like me where you don’t drink sodas, or most store purchased drinks I still have a hard time remembering to drink my water. Sadly many of us don’t realize we need more water and mistake thirst for hunger. It is said that if you divide your weight by two, that’s how many ounces of water you should consume in a day.

I love sipping on some cold refreshing water but its nice to mix it up sometimes. A fresh juice or smoothie can really hit the spot or even some coconut water…oh my that sounds so amazing right now! Anyway to change your routine up a bit Infused Water is also a great choice to get your days intake. It’s so simple its silly! Just cut up some of your favorite fruits and put them in a large mason jar, fill with water, and store for a couple of hours or even overnight. Sometimes I add mint leaves, or cucumber, coconut, there are so many different choices. You should try it! I’m sure your body will be happy from your increased water intake.. its a win win situation really! Just keep in mind that sometimes leaving the fruits in your water for too long can make it taste a little bitter. Experiment with different mixtures yourself and please share your favorites!  I am going to go drink some water now, all of this water talk has made me thirsty!

Oh one more thing, if you prefer not to have fruit floating around in your cup as you drink and accidentally swallowing a chunk of fruit there are fruit infusers you can purchase online. Here are a few options I like.


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