Healthy Snacks and Ideas to Ease Cravings

Healthy Snacks and Ideas to Ease Cravings

Snacking….We ALL do it, but it seems the problem with snacking usually is what you snack on and how much of it you eat! I don’t think I could ever give up snacks and in fact I think they are important! Healthy Snacks help you eat 5-6 times a day (in small portions of course and including your main meals) I personally feel that 5-6 small “meals” a day are so beneficial and allow your body to function more efficiently. There are so many snack options out there but its so important to find healthy alternatives and replace unhealthy ones.

I totally crave chocolate sometimes (I usually crave salty food more than anything) but my go too for chocolate is a small square of organic dark chocolate (If you can find raw organic dark chocolate that’s even better) (70% cacao and up is best), or lets say I crave something salty, I would maybe eat a small salad, or if I am in a hurry another go too for me is a cucumber cut in half length wise and sprinkled with a little bit Himalayan salt. Easy Peasy!

Here are a few tips I recommend to help you with snacking

1. If you are just starting on your healthy living healthy eating journey, take small steps. Find ways to eat healthier snacks that you enjoy and incorporate those in your snacking habits.

2. Don’t keep junk food in your house (this may be complicated for some of you especially if you have others in your home that haven’t started a healthy living journey with you) but help them do so. Find healthy alternatives based on things they normally eat  (this is def. one I incorporate in our lives for my husband and I since he likes different things than me so I try to find healthier alternatives to things he likes)

3. Pick 1-2 healthy snack recipes to make before the week starts. Don’t eat them every day but use them as your “special snack” or “treat” snack. This can be a healthy cookie recipe, or healthy crackers, chips etc that you can make at home to satisfy cravings. Over time you wont crave things like this as much and may crave more fresh and living snack options

4. If you crave something specific write it down and find and make a healthy version  of what you are craving for next week. Sometimes cravings can get the best of you and you may end up eating something bad which can then lead to a junk food night or worse…(I do have experience with this happening unfortunately) I will spare you the scary details

5. This is a big one for me! Lets say I want a snack and I have a bag full of homemade fruit leather. The chances are if I eat some fruit leather and still have the bag in front of me I would eat another one. (I AM SO BAD!) So when I get my snack I either prepare a specific small amount in a baggie or container that I can just grab and go or if I do go to pull out a bag of something I take out a small amount, put the bag away, then go elsewhere to eat it. That way its a lot more work to get some more and chances are you probably wont go back. Let be honest here if I had a bag of chips, or sunflower seeds, or cookies in front of me yes I could probably down the whole bag.  Do this even when you watch a movie or show, only bring a small amount with you. A lot of the time you probably are not even hungry while snacking and doing something else at the same time… its just a habit.

6. Drink your water! Many of us feel “hungry” when we are actually thirsty and need our water!

Here are some snack ideas that can help handle hunger and cravings between meals. As I reference try to keep your snacks mostly vegetables and sometimes fruits and less of anything else I feel that the 80%-20% works really well in this aspect also but this is something you need to decide on your own what works best for you. If you are just starting to lean towards healthier snack options then go with a smaller goal for now maybe like %50-%50 and as time goes on work towards a higher goal

30 Simple Snack Ideas- For more detailed recipes from us you can check out our snacks category here we will post more and more snack recipes over time and hope to give you some ideas, or even inspire you to come up with some of your own

1. Banana

2. Carrots (don’t buy baby carrots) (even organic baby carrots are soaked in a chemical cleaning solution but can be labeled organic because they were grown organic)

3. Celery sticks (you can add almond butter or other nut butter)

4. Apples (also a good option with a nut butter)

5. Dark Chocolate (70% cacao or higher is best) (I LOVE Dark chocolate with coconut!!!)

6. Fresh coconut or even young coconut

7. Fruit Bowls

8. Dehydrated Fruits

9. Kale Chips

10. Other healthy Chips such as zucchini, spinach, beets, carrots, apples, bananas

11. Homemade apple sauce

12. Chia Pudding

13. Homemade Protein bar or balls

14. Fresh or Frozen Peas (this one is a favorite in our house especially for my daughter)

15. roasted veggies (like broccoli)

16. Small amount of Guacamole

17. Popcorn popped in coconut oil

18. Cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, or other veggies with a small amount of salt (preferably Himalayan)

19. 1/4 cup of nuts (raw soaked nuts are the best)

20.1/4 cup of seeds (raw soaked seeds are also best)

21. 1 hard boiled egg

22. 1/2 cup yogurt (look for real yogurt since most of the flavored yogurt you find at store are filled with artificial ingredients) (Add honey, or fresh fruits to give yogurt flavor)

23. Smoothie

24. Protein Shake

25. Tortilla nut butter and banana ( I usually toast the a tortilla, spread nut butter, and add banana on top

26. Olives

27. A couple of dates

28. Homemade Crackers

29.Personal Mini veggie tray

30. Berries

Oh and just thought I would share but as I was taking photos for this post my 20 month old daughter really wanted to see what I was doing. I was able to distract her until I had my photos, but…when I went to clean up she happily found this nice little snack buffet we had going on and helped herself to all of the goodies. Needless to say this was the aftermath and okay I did open the banana for her but it made me laugh that she couldn’t resist many of her favorite snacks all laid out so pretty for her sweet little hands to grab. This girl totally makes me laugh and smile all day long even after the fun messes to clean up 🙂



Also… I’m dying to know what your favorite snacks are…post them in a comment below and post even the ones you think are unhealthy we can totally give you ideas on healthier options 🙂 and if you have healthy snacks you love we want to know about them! Thanks everyone…I think its time for a snack!



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