Green Juice

Green Juice

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Growing up my mom would periodically go to these raw health detox cleansing camp sorta things. I remember whenever she would come home from one she would be on her so called health kick. She would drag out the juicer and dehydrator as well as the sprouting jars. I remember her giving us all wheat grass shots and the only one who didn’t gag was my younger brother. That kid could and still can stomach anything. Well as silly as I thought this all was I am grateful that she instilled these healthy habits on me from a young age. Even though we didn’t always juice the important thing was that we did and that I grew up learning that eating healthy was important. So when the big juicing fad started a few years back I was familiar with it and wanted to get back into it.  This is my go to detox juice recipe. It is chalk full of vegetables and the only fruit it contains is green apples which are lower in sugar than other fruits. Keep in mind if you are new to juicing you should typically start out with a fruit-vegetable ratio of 50:50 then as your body becomes accustomed to it you can cut back on the fruit amount. I have fallen in love with this blend and actually crave it when I haven’t juiced in awhile. When I first tried this recipe I noticed my energy levels were better, my seasonal allergies weren’t as bad and my eczema was clearing up. Juice, real juice that is, is really amazing if you ask me.

1 head romaine lettuce

1 cucumber

1 stalk celery

handful of spinach and/or kale

2 green apples

2 limes and/or 1 lemon

a bunch of parsley/cilantro (both have strong flavors so start out with a small amount and work up to more or you can even hold off on adding herbs)

a little slice of ginger (if you are new to juicing start out with a tiny sliver of ginger)

Throw it all in a juicer and enjoy! As you can see the amazing thing about juicing is the flexibility with it…if you don’t have one thing on the list still try it out you can’t go wrong:)


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