Why you should be dry brushing your skin DAILY

Why you should be dry brushing your skin DAILY

Dry brushing is a simple way to get amazing skin. But, beautiful glowing skin isn’t the only thing its good for…

This is something I have been wanting to post on the blog for quite a while. It’s honestly one of my favorite things in my beauty routine! I also feel like there are so many benefits to dry brushing that not doing it would be silly. When I first started dry brushing I noticed such a difference in my skin within a week. When I was super consistent with my dry brushing regime I literally had the smoothest most amazing skin I’ve ever had. I felt like my skin was glowing and I noticed blemishes disappear as well as drastically reduced cellulite. Yes people I get cellulite just like everyone else. Dry brushing also really helps regulate your skin and people with dry skin may be thinking that this probably makes dry skin worse but its the complete opposite. My skin is dry during certain times of the year and when I started dry brushing it actually make it softer. I haven’t been the best about doing it lately because my normal routine was dry brushing every morning  but with how early my daughter has been waking up (8:30 am) haha to me that’s early okay!! (I am one of those night owl people 🙂 I haven’t been doing it as much. I also learned that you can really dry brush whenever (and night may actually be best) so in my case that will probably work out better.  I guess you could consider this a 30 dry brushing challenge since that will be my goal for this month. (Happy May everyone)and hope that you decide to start dry brushing and join in on the 30 day challenge after reading about all of the fantastic benefits.

So What on Earth is Dry Brushing?

Dry Brushing is a way to exfoliate and remove dead skin by scrubbing (more on the proper way to do it below) with a natural bristle brush and doing so completely dry, no water at all not on the brush nor on your skin.


What is Dry Brushing Good For?

The benefits of dry brushing are pretty extreme. It helps give you healthy, smooth GLOWING skin, while overtime eliminating cellulite (as long as you do it often and by often I mean daily) Here is a pretty nifty list on the awesome benefits you get from dry brushing;

-Exfoliates Skin and unclogs pores (removes dead skin) without removing natural acids and oils your skin needs

-Promotes healing and new skin growth

-Promotes blood circulation

-Tightens skin

-Distributes fat deposits (this causes cellulite to decrease significantly over time)

-Strengthens the immune system

-Increases the absorption of nutrients and oxygen through your skin

-Stimulates the Lymphatic System

-Stimulates hormone and oil producing glands in the skin

-Decreases swelling throughout your body

-Helps your body remove toxins

-Helps Relieve stress

-Stimulates the nervous system

-Helps improve muscle tone

-Increases Cell Renewal

-Reduces muscle tension

-Calms Mind

-Helps Digestion and Kidney Function

-Can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks

-Can also help with acne, and eczema

-Great for all skin types and can help balance out dry or oily skin

Dry Brushing Brush

You may be wondering How something so simple can do so many amazing things…

Well your skin is one of the largest organs in or rather on your body, and that being said it absorbs anything and everything that you put on it.  Many people don’t realize that most commercial skin care, body care, hair care products (soaps, shampoos, body washes, lotions, deodorants, creams, sunblock etc.) all absorb into your skin. I can’t say this enough but probably 95% (if not more) of those products are LOADED with toxins, and chemicals. Then you need to also consider chemicals you touch our come in contact with, like chemical cleaners you use, or even chemical hairspray which lands on your skin…those things eventually get absorbed, clog up your pores and also leach into your body. I obviously recommend trying the best you can to avoid using these things but realistically it would be impossible to avoid all toxins and chemicals. But before you loose all hope, I mentioned your skin being one of the largest organs, well what better way to remove toxins than through and from your skin?

Did you know you releases somewhere between 2 to 5 lbs. of toxins though your skin daily? Neither did I….and yes you read that right! Well if your skins pores are clogged up with dead skin cells, chemicals and toxins then the rest of your body has to work harder to get rid of all the junk. This causes your immune system to become weaker and you are more likely to get sick and get diseases.

By dry brushing you stimulate your lymphatic system which does not have a pump like our circulatory system to move things around. This also doesn’t happen in the shower if you are just scrubbing. Yes its great to exfoliate regardless but when your in the shower your lymphatic system ceases due to the heat. Dry brushing reduces the work load on the rest of your body because it gets your lymphatic system moving and the toxins that have been stuck in your skin get pushed through your body to the proper eliminative organs and lymphatic drainage areas where they can be removed from your body. Sweating is another one of the ways dry brushing removes toxins from your body. Dr. Cheryl Kasdorf ND recommends dry brushing at night before a shower because it allows the toxins to be pushed to your liver and kidneys for elimination.

When to Dry Brush

Like I just mentioned above, Dr. Cheryl Kasdorf recommends doing so at night. (Which I personally prefer because I prefer to shower at night as well). Dr. Natalia Rose recommends doing it in the morning as do some other Doctors. Although there are many different opinions I honestly think this is something that each person should determine on their own depending on what works better for them. I think dry brushing when done, no matter what time of the day, is better than not dry brushing at all. One thing that is recommended by all of the Doctors articles I have read is to shower immediately after dry brushing to wash off what is left on the surface of your skin.

Is there a Specific Method to Dry Brushing?

Yes, there actually is. When Dry Brushing you should

-Use a Natural Dry Bristle Brush such as boars hair or Tampico

-Start from the soles of your feet

-Brush in long upward strokes towards your heart

-Make circular motions with your brush on problem areas such as areas with cellulite or stretch marks

-When Brushing your lower back brush forward to the lymph nodes in the groin area

-When Brushing Breasts avoid nipples and brush outwards from the center

-Avoid Wounds, Sores, or Rashes

-Total body dry brushing should take about 3-5 Minutes

Here is a great Diagram of how to dry brush from Dr. Cheryl Kasdorf


Dry Brush in the shower or bath tub right before you shower

Before you finish with your shower apply coconut all over your body to moisturize instructions here

Don’t use the dry brush on your face

When you first start dry brushing try to be more gentle after a few weeks you can start to be a bit more firm in your brushing (this is especially helpful for people with sensitive skin such as myself)

You can also dry brush 2 times daily if you prefer

Feel Free to email me or comment below if you have any questions. 🙂 Hope you start enjoying the awesome benefits of Dry brushing 🙂


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