Dealing with Insults

Dealing with Insults

I personally feel that learning how to be calm, peaceful, and humble make for a happy life or in other words having a “healthy mind”. I was on the phone with my mom today and I mentioned something that had upset me and was basically venting. She said, “don’t let things like that get to you, its not worth you getting upset or sad over”. Then my mom proceeded to tell me something my dad had recently heard which really caught my attention.

Please note that I’m not here to push any type of religion or religious practices on anyone.  I feel that there are many amazing people in this world with great knowledgeable thoughts no matter what religion they practice.

That being said my dad had heard something on how Buddha deals with insults. A man had been insulting Buddha and had wondered why Buddha took no offence to any of the bad things he said. Buddha explained that if a person gave another person a gift and that person did not accept the gift, the gift would still belong to the gift giver. The same concept would apply to the person giving the insults, if the other person does not accept the insults then the only person who would be insulted is the one who was giving the insults in the first place.

I loved this quote and it made me realize how pointless it was for me to be upset over something little. It also reminded me of other times I had been upset over insults from other people. In some cases the hurt feelings I had probably weren’t even intended by the person I was hurt by. One of my goals is to be a more humble person and to not allow myself to take in negative thoughts from others. I hear people say that you need to remove negative people from your life but I never thought that was a good solution to anything. Instead I feel that one of the keys to being a happy person is to not let the negative things in, like sayings, actions, words or any negative energy and doing the best you can to be happy, think happy, love others and the negative people around you will hopefully allow the happy thoughts, words, sayings, and energy into their lives and become more happy and loving themselves.

This story is one I will surely remember and hope that it can help everyone learn to feel more at peace.


Here is a link  I found to an actual story

Dealing With Insult Buddha Way


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