Coconut Oil as a Natural Moisturizer

Coconut Oil as a Natural Moisturizer

You may want to throw out your lotion because once you start using coconut oil to moisturize your skin you may not want to go back! Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and it absorbs everything we use, from facial products, to lotions, creams, perfumes etc.. This means that most of the lotions you purchase from the store can be loaded with chemicals that get absorbed into your body! Plant based oils have been used in natural skin care for centuries and can be very beneficial for your skin!

I started using coconut oil as a full body moisturizer a couple years ago and I still have on occasion used other homemade creams and salves for moisturizing (yes, even some lotion when I had no other choice),  but I still use coconut oil on a daily basis. You are probably thinking, great if I use coconut oil I will be extremely oily and feel gross while my clothing will feel like it was glued to my body. This doesn’t have to be the case, I have found that the best way to use it is to apply it all over your skin while you are still in the shower and get under the water after you have it on. When you get out and dry yourself off, your skin will feel so soft and even have a glowing appearance without the oily mess.

Coconut oil is loaded with Vitamin E which is excellent for your skin and gives it a form of protection. There have been studies that have shown that coconut oil may have helped people with certain skin conditions and improving skin overall. Many use coconut oil as a moisturizer for infants and children. Coconut oil is also said to have antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties because of the high amounts of lauric acid.

When purchasing look for Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil preferably cold pressed. If you can find Raw Organic Coconut oil that’s even better! The refined oils are more processed and they may loose nutrients.

There are many other uses for coconut oil which we can get more into later, but as far as a moisturizer goes I think Coconut Oil is a must!



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