Coconut Oil-150 Reasons to use it and why

Coconut Oil-150 Reasons to use it and why

Coconut oil is the new “thing”, but is it really as great as everyone claims that it is? There is a lot of research surfacing that is related to coconut oil but what does it all say? For a few years now I have been using coconut oil in place of other oils or products ALL over my house. I knew there was good things to say about it and I loved using it. I won’t lie I was a skeptic when it came to some of the uses I heard about, but to my surprise they might just be true. Over the years I’ve learned more about different uses and benefits but it wasn’t until I started putting together this post that I learned way more than I bargained for (in a great way of course). Coconut oil has been used for centuries around the world and I hope that more studies are done in the future on this wonderful fruit.

The dirt on Coconut oil….

As many great coconut oil ideas, uses, and benefits that are talked about, there is an equal number of bad articles or insights from people. Yes, Coconut oil is made up of saturated fat (the “rumors” are true) but before you gasp and run to throw your jar in the trash, read a little more.

There are 3 different types of fat; saturated, monounsaturated , and polyunsaturated and all oils & fats contain all 3. Coconut oil contains mostly saturated fat but the type of saturated fat it holds is way different from the “bad” saturated fats we are used to hearing about. We have been told that saturated fats are all bad but this is far from the truth. Dr. Mercola has a pretty good article on the types of fats if you wish to educate yourself more. 

Some facts on the Saturated Fat found in Coconut oil

The saturated fat in coconut oil is composed of medium chain fatty acids. (unlike most other saturated fats which are made up of long chain fatty acids) (I also encourage you to learn about the differences-I would go more in depth but it will take quite a bit of explaining)

Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA’s) are different than the long chain fatty acids because they are converted into energy by your liver rather than being stored as fat.

When we normally eat fat/oils, they are broken down and converted to lipoproteins which are then sent to the bloodstream and deposited into our fat cells. Then the carbs and proteins are used up for bodily functions and activities. Anything left over gets stored. Yet, Medium Chain Fatty Acids don’t end up in the blood stream to be stored for later. They go right to the liver and are then converted into energy, giving your entire metabolism a boost for up to 24 hours. I am also told that they do not raise blood sugar levels which may have been a concern for some.

Medium Chain Fatty Acids are found in mothers milk and are added to baby formulas to provide nutrients and protect infants from harmful germs. They are one of the healthiest types of fat and fat is required by our bodies to function. Coconut oil contains the most concentrated natural source of medium chain fatty acids and this is why it is SO beneficial and can be used for hundreds of different things and provide us with numerous benefits.


 Before you read on….I want you to be fully aware that I am not a doctor or medical professional nor am I a scientist of any kind and I do not pretend to be any of those. The information provided in this post and any article on Sprouting Healthy Habits is for entertainment purposes and to help encourage others to do their own research and speak with their doctor or medical provider before making any adjustments or changes to their lifestyle. The information below was gathered from books and articles from doctors and medical professionals but by no means should it apply to you unless a doctor physically recommends it to you (sources will be listed at the bottom). Sprouting Healthy Habits and authors are in no way responsible for any choices or changes you make in your lifestyle due to information you have read on Sprouting Healthy Habit’s website or any other related sites or pages. Sprouting Healthy Habits is not responsible for any household changes or damages that may occur due to choices you have made to experiment with anything you have read on this site or others associated with Sprouting Healthy Habits and its authors.  Read full disclaimer here.

Purchasing Coconut Oil

When choosing a coconut oil brand make sure to look for Organic, Unrefined, Cold Pressed or Expeller Pressed, Virgin Coconut oil! This ensures you are getting good quality oil because the refining process and other methods can remove vital nutrients and benefits. Make sure to read about Carrier oils here if you haven’t already 🙂

Cooking with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an excellent replacement to all cooking oils. When we buy most organic unrefined cold pressed oils, the properties of the oil can be destroyed when cooking. Coconut oil has a higher smoke point than most other oils and doesn’t wreck havoc in your body like other oils used in cooking can after cooking.  It makes a great supplement to your diet so switching out cooking oils for coconut oil has huge benefits. Here are some ways you can add it to your diet.

1. Use in place of cooking spray

2. Use for frying

3. Coconut oil in place of shortening

4. Use as a baking oil

5. Use to sauté foods

6. Use coconut oil to make popcorn

7. Use in marinates

8. Use coconut oil in place of butter

9. Add 1-2 T. Coconut oil in smoothies

10. Add coconut oil to homemade protein balls or bars.

11. Add 1 T. Coconut oil to tea or hot chocolate

12. Use in homemade candies and chocolates


Health Uses and Possible Benefits

1. Adult Supplement

2. Boosts Metabolism

3. Helps with acne conditions

4. Stimulates thyroid functions

5. Allows your body to better absorb calcium and magnesium

6. Can help improve cholesterol

7. Can help fight fungal infections

8. Can Naturally Boost Energy

9. Fight Candida

10. Soothe sore throat

11. Natural diuretic

12. Helps support digestion and the digestive system

13. Can be a supplement for infants

14. Helps fight depression

15. Can help ease sugar cravings

16. Can help balance blood sugar (encourages naturally producing insulin)

17. Can help nursing mothers increase their milk supply

18. Can help clear blockages in your arteries

19. Improve vitamin absorption

20. Encourage weight loss

21. Can soothe hemorrhoids

22. Natural supplement for cats and dogs

23. Can help with intestinal problems

24. Provide nourishment to the brain

25. Can protect against cancer (by fighting free radicals)

26.  Boost immune system

27. Can help those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia by helping body naturally produce ketones and provide energy to the brain

28. Can balance hormones

29. Can ease chronic psoriasis

30. Can speed flu recovery

31. Can help with bladder infections

32. Can help overcome chronic fatigue

33. Help fight oral thrush

34. Help heal athletes foot

35. Can help fight off scalp ringworm

36. Can overtime help eliminate warts

37. Can possible help with head lice

MCFA’s are said to be effective in fighting

38. Influenza

39. Measles

40. Herpes

41. Mononucleosis

42. Hepatitis C

43. Aids

44. Stomach Ulcers

45. Pneumonia

46. Sinusitis

47. Earache

48. Rheumatic fever

49. Dental Cavities

50. Food Poisoning

51. Meningitis

52. Gonorrhea

53. Toxic Shock Syndrome

54. Fungi

55. Yeast (ringworm)

56. Giardiasis

57. enlarged prostate

58. Cancer

59. Epilepsy

60. Malnutrition

61. Taken as an additional prenatal supplement

62. Don’t harm the good bacteria in your intestinal tract

Personal Care and Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

1. Soothe Sunburn

2. Use as skin protection

3. Cuticle Oil

4. Nail oil to strengthen nails

5. Lighten Scars

6. Lighten dark circles under and around eyes

7. Soothe bug bites

8. Help heal cold sores

9. Help with yeast infections

10. Use alone as a hair mask

11. Use as a makeup remover

12. Face Moisturizer

13. Body Moisturizer

14. Massage oil

15. Foot moisturizer

16. Personal Lubricant **just don’t use it with latex**

17.  Oil Pulling

18. Lip Balm

19. Use in face cream recipes

20. Make natural eye cream

21. Use in place of baby oil (commercial baby oil is petroleum based and can actually be harmful)

22. Use in baby cream recipes

23. Help get rid of cradle cap

24. Help eliminate dandruff

25. Use in face scrubs

26. Use in natural toothpaste recipes

27. Use in salve recipes

28. Moisturize your pets paws

29. Use as a carrier oil for essential oils

30. Use as a deodorant

31. Use as a shaving cream (downside is that it clogs up your razor)

32. Use in shampoo recipes

33. Use in conditioner recipes

34. Can help heal diaper rash

35. Makes an excellent nipple cream for nursing moms and its safe for baby

36. Moisturize your nostrils

37. Can help prevent or heal stretch marks

38. Can soothe razor burn

39. Use as a hair serum

40. Improve and prevent wrinkles

41. Use in homemade makeup recipes

42. Add a little to bath to moisturize skin

43. Use a little in mouthwash recipes

44. Use as a detangler

45. Use in hand soaps

46. Lighten age spots

47. Soothe burns (especially with 1-2 drops of lavender added to the mix)

48. Heal wounds

49. Help soothe eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis

50. Soothe Rashes

51. Can help soften pets fur (applied before washing)

52. Can help balance out skins natural ph level (especially after all natural oils are stripped of when washing)

53. Can prevent pimples

54. Prevents fungal and bacterial skin infections

55. Can help with blood blisters

56. Can prevent liver and aging spots

57. Can prevent tooth decay

58. Helps dissolved dead skin cells (like an exfoliant)


Household Uses for Coconut Oil

1. Season Cookware

2. Moisturize and Sanitize wood cutting boards

3. Remove Sap

4. Remove gum

5. Use in natural candle recipes

6. Make soaps

7. Bronze Polish

8. Clean and condition wood furniture

9. Preserve Eggs

10. Furniture Polish

11. Rust Removal

12. Metal Polish

13. Remove Sticky Labels

14. Clean & Sanitize Makeup Brushes

15. Lubricate hinges

16. Clean Soap Scum from shower

17. Leather Polish

18. Remove other oils stains from clothing (coconut oil is said to not stain clothes)

If you know of any other benefits or uses for coconut oil make sure to comment bellow. I hope this encourages you to consider adding some more coconut oil to your life and make sure to follow sprouting healthy habits on twitter for more interesting tips.



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