Chemical Free Natural Sunscreen

Chemical Free Natural Sunscreen

I’m sorry to break it to you but the sunblock/sunscreen you are most likely buying to prevent you from getting sunburned, skin cancer and melanoma is LOADED, and I mean LOADED with harmful chemicals that have actually shown to increase the risk of skin disease and cancer. That’s some scary stuff if you ask me. We have been taught to be afraid of going in the sun and told its not good to expose your self to sun rays. The truth is the sun is actually great for you. The only real proper way for out bodies to produce vitamin D is by being out in the sun, then our body naturally produces the vitamin. Being in the sun isn’t bad for you, but getting sun burn is. Our bodies are designed to show signs when our skin has had too much and its safe to say we need to listen to our bodies. Now, I’m not saying you can only limit being out doors for a small amount of time but when you know you will be out there long enough for your skin to burn, you should result to using some sort of protection for your skin. I have seen brands of sunblock out there that can be good options. One I have often purchased myself is Organic Badger Balm Sunscreens. As  much as I loved and still love Badger Products I like to know I can make my own and know exactly what is going my sunblock as well as save some money.  I encourage you to read more on sunscreen and how its harmful. I know I bring up Dr. Mercola a lot but I find that I highly trust his opinion on things and when speaking about sunscreen he gives a really good list of the harmful ingredients that you may find useful like I did.

Dr. Mercola’s sunscreen article

Here are the Harmful Ingredients he recommends avoiding in sunscreen;

-Para amino benzoic acid

-Octyl salicyclate




-Padimate O





-Menthyl anthranilate

-Trolamine salicyclate


I have searched for ingredients that would be beneficial in a sunscreen and finally made my own. I am really happy with the results and excited that it doesn’t go on cakey or make you look extremely pale. I’m pale enough from not getting any sun in the winter already, I don’t need to look any whiter haha. When sitting in the kiddy pool with my daughter I mentioned to my husband how we all looked like glow worms under water. I’ve had some sun since then but may need a bit more so I don’t scare anyone 🙂 Anyway, making this sunscreen is fairly easy you can even customize it a bit but here is the general recipe;

Homemade Chemical Free Natural Sunscreen

– 1/4 cup Bee’s Wax (pastilles work best and are easiest to work with)

– 2 T. Shea Butter

-1 T. Vitamin E oil

-3/8 cup Coconut Oil

-3-4 T. Zinc Oxide (Preferably non nano zinc oxide) -non nano means that the zinc oxide particles are larger therefore may not absorb into the skin as much. There are beliefs that the zinc oxide absorbing into your skin may not be the best yet there isn’t really any research to verify it being true. (Also 3-4 T. gives you about 20-25 spf.)

-1 T. Jojoba Oil

-1 T. Almond Oil

-1 T. Grape-seed Oil

-1/8 cup of green tea with chamomile and lavender (I just added dried chamomile and lavender to the green tea while it was boiling)

-2 drops of calendula oil

-*optional essential oils of your choice*

I used my mini crockpot warmer to mix and melt everything together but if you don’t have one you can simply place a dry empty glass jar in a pot of water (the inside of the jar should not get wet) and usually fill up enough water for the jar to be half submerged. Just add your ingredients to the jar being careful not to burn yourself

1.  Melt beeswax completely in your pot or glass jar

2. Add in the remaining oils and tea (except for the essential oils) then allow everything to melt completely again

3. slowly add in the zinc oxide and mix together well. Make sure you do your best to get rid of lumps.

4. Add in essential oils of choice as well as 2 drops of calendula oil

5. Carefully pour into a mixing bowl and place the bowl in the fridge until the sunscreen solidifies I think I left mine in the fridge for about an hour

6. Once sunscreen has solidified, using a blender or hand blender mix together until it becomes creamy and fluffy

7. Using a spatula place the sunscreen in your desired jar or container. Store in a cool dry place.

*Keep in mind that this isn’t completely water proof so make sure to reapply often* Please read my full disclaimer here



This is what it should look like once it is solid (the zinc oxide seems to stay at the top  



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      If you don’t mind me asking, is it sending you emails for comments on every post or just a single post? This should help me understand the problem better. I apologize for any inconvenience and hope we can get this fixed for you.

  2. Branimira

    Hello Nessa,
    I am Bulgarian and I am ispired and proud by founding your native! I also share your way of life and I am interested in aromatherapy and home made cosmetics, preparation, etc.
    Anyway, I realize the post is a bit old but I hope you will answer. Could you let me know if T. means tablespoon and what is the volume of the cup you are using because I am working in grams and I have to recalculate the recipe.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Author

      Zdravai Branimira,

      Thank you for the comment and for the support! T does mean tablespoon, and converting the cup to grams you would need 340 grams. I hope that helps! Best wishes!

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