Breakfast Fruit Bowl

Breakfast Fruit Bowl


Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and for many reasons. It almost determines how your day will go, how much energy you will have to get things done, and even your attitude. The most common breakfasts are filling and in really large portions yet not necessarily helping you throughout the day. I feel that since it’s your first meal it is best when it is full of vitamins and other nutrients as well as easy to digest. A light, filling high energy breakfast is an excellent choice in the morning and you will find yourself having way more energy than when you eat a heavy filling breakfast.

Some mornings I may not have time to make a juice or smoothie, or I just don’t feel like a juice or smoothie so a fruit bowl is totally the next best option. I even make fruit bowls (or fruit salads if you want to call them that) as a snack between a breakfast juice/smoothie and lunch. Some people may prefer a “heavier” breakfast and that’s okay too. There are many healthy breakfast options out there that don’t consist of cereal filled and coated with sugar, or meat and potato combos that could take all day to digest. Some mornings I too eat a breakfast that is more filling, like these oatmeal muffins for example.

With a fruit bowl/salad for breakfast you can play with other fruit mixtures or even try Cami’s Acai Bowl recipe which is also amazingly delicious!

Here is the recipe I made in the photo above.

Simple Breakfast Fruit Bowl

1 Apple

1 Orange

5-6 Strawberries

Handful of Blackberries

2 Kiwi fruits

Mint leaves chopped (amount depends on your preference)

Fresh squeezed lemon juice (also based on preference)

1. Cut up all of your fruits in bite sized pieces

2. Add fruits and mint leaves in a bowl

3. Squeeze in some fresh lemon juice (removing the seeds of course)

4. Mix together and enjoy the deliciousness of fresh fruit in the morning!

If you prefer a sweeter bowl you can try adding some bananas to sweeten things up 🙂


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