Baby and Toddler Supplements

Baby and Toddler Supplements

These are my top 3 favorite supplements to give babies.

Three letters D.H.A. which stand for docosahexaenoic acid- an omega-3 fatty acid. It helps with brain and eye development. In the first year of a babies life the brain grows 175%. Isn’t that amazing? DHA also helps with babies learning and cognitive developments. It is important to make sure your baby is getting adequate amounts whether it be from breast milk, formula or a supplement. I give my baby a dropper of this everyday to guarantee he is getting enough in his diet.

My second son had really bad blow outs. He would go a couple days without pooping and then bam it would all come out. It made for some fun diaper changes. Anyways my doctor said this was normal for a breastfeed baby but I wanted to see if there was anything to help with this. I asked around and a friend mentioned giving them probiotics. Light bulb! Probiotics are such an important thing to add to anyone’s diet. They help restore the good bacteria in your gut which can improve your overall digestive health. These totally helped my baby get more regular and as an added bonus probiotics help improve your immune system. I really like these probiotics; they are perfect to sprinkle in with baby food or mix in with a bottle.

A multivitamin is also another supplement I decided to start giving my baby at the age of 6 months. He was starting on solids and I wanted to insure that he was getting all the vitamins that were needed to help him grow strong and healthy. This particular brand is a powder that I mix in with food or a smoothie for my older babies. You need to be careful when looking for a multivitamin for your children whether they are babies or older. There are a lot of them on the market that contain food dyes, corn syrup and lots of added sugars and other things.

*Please consult with your doctor before giving your baby anything. I am not a doctor nor claim to be. Please see our disclaimer here

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