April 30 Day Water Intake Challenge

April 30 Day Water Intake Challenge

Time to drink up! Since the beginning of the year I started doing some 30 day challenges. I didn’t quite realize that the first 2 months of having a challenge for myself would lead me to wanting to do 30 day challenges every month. I feel like it’s an easy way to start new habits and build them into your lifestyle as well as continue doing those healthy habits even after the 30 days! Yes, I understand that some 30 day challenges are meant to only last the 30 days especially if it’s something along the lines of cleansing or detoxing, and sometimes a certain challenge may make you realize that that specific challenge, change, or new habit isn’t something you wish to continue or is not working for you and that’s okay too! Regardless they will all be learning experiences and help you grow and add to achieving a more healthy lifestyle.

The March 30 day fitness challenge went pretty well for me, I will admit that day 16 and on was where it went downhill for me. But it happens, I had a million things to do, my daughter got sick due to teething, and this last week of march I’ve had the worst allergies ever! Causing me to be in bed for the majority of the time. But hey, I decided that I will finish off the 30 days even though I’m 2 weeks late I will just start where I left off. I’m still so excited that I did a full 15 days and have seen a lot of progress. So my point is when you fall down, get back up and keep going (better late than never right)?

So Since April starts tomorrow I wanted to start a new 30 day challenge. It’s sort of fitting actually since April is known for its “April Showers” haha so  Aprils 30 day challenge I want to encourage everyone to join me in is committing to drinking the proper amount of WATER for you! I will start off by saying that most of us including myself probably don’t drink the correct amount of water for our bodies and we are dehydrated. In fact, most of the times we mistake our bodies signals for water, for signals of hunger. Now many of you may think ok 8 glasses of water is what is recommended and that’s where we should start off but that’s not true. The reality of it is that everyone is different therefore everyone needs different amounts of water to keep their body running properly. That amount also changes when you  exercise, do other things that involve you to loose water, or even the hot weather.

There are many debates on how much water one should drink but below I have linked two helpful reads on water intake. My food Diary has calculations for water intake based on weight and another based on calories which can be a good place to start. Dr. Mercola on the other hand explains that the amount of water you drink shouldn’t be measured and instead you need to pay attention to your body. He states that the color of your urine is a key sign to weather you are drinking enough water (unless you take vitamin B2 which changes the color of your urine). He also suggests that you really pay attention to when you feel thirsty. Another thing I want to mention is when I say water intake I don’t mean water found in sodas, or other drinks, that contain water, I mean pure water! (I will go more into the best types of water in the future) Sodas, bottled Juices, teas and other drinks (even sports drinks) often dehydrate you more. Fresh squeezed Juice, coconut water can help keep you hydrated but generally I don’t count these towards my water intake. I still like to somewhat “measure” my water intake since even when I do have the “hey ness its seriously time to drink some water” signals from my body, I get caught up in what I am doing and totally forget.

One more thing to keep in mind TOO MUCH WATER is also bad, and can be deadly. Drinking too much water reduces your body’s sodium levels which causes the cells in your body to swell, and our brain cells cannot handle the swelling. So really LISTEN to your body!

So lets kick off April with paying attention to our water intake and by the end of the month we should all be able to recognize our own needs for our body and hopefully continue to drink the right amounts even after the month is over. I wish you luck and hope you join me! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for progress throughout the month 🙂

Sources and Links:

Dr. Mercola on water intake

My Food Diary Water Intake Calculations

Please note that I am not a medical professional and do not pretend to be one. Please read Sprouting Healthy Habits’ full disclaimer .




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