All about juicing machines

All about juicing machines

Um can we talk about something for a minute…juicers are crazy expensive. I would love to one day buy myself a $600 juicer but for now I am wisely choosing to put that $600 towards diapers and chocolate milk. Yes yes juicers have become very popular and there are so many different types/brands out now. Are you scratching your heads at what juicer to get? Let me help explain a few different types of juicers.

CENTRIFUGAL JUICER– If any of you have seen the documentary fat sick and nearly dead this is the type of juicer used on it.

pros- the most affordable, fast, easy clean up, great starter option

cons- doesn’t juice wheat grass,  louder than others, the juice starts oxidizing within 15 minutes after


MASTICATING JUICER- There are a couple different types…

An upright masticating

pros- juices wheat grass, handles leafy greens better, juices slower which puts less heat into juice causing it to delay oxidation, gets more juice out of the produce (dry as a bone pulp, use less produce for same amount of juice), leaves some pulp in the juice (adds some fiber back into the juice), doesn’t start oxidizing for 36+ hours ( can make a big batch and store in fridge up to 3 days), most brands can make other things such as almond milk and baby food

cons- more expensive, does juice a littler slower, a little more cleaning involved but not much


A twin-gear also know as triturating juicers

pros- most efficient juicer, produces least amount of heat (oxidizes the slowest), handles leafy greens the best, can make other things such as nut butters and frozen desserts, least amount of oxidation

cons- the most expensive, a few more parts to clean




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