About the Blog

We all have a general goal of being happy and feeling healthy. Each person’s opinion of what “happy” and “healthy” truly mean can be different. My friend Cami  and I started Sprouting Healthy Habits blog in hopes of  helping others, as well as ourselves become educated about healthy living overall while allowing everyone to determine what works best for them in their own lives. Since then Cami has decided to move in a different direction from Sprouting Healthy Habits and to spend more time with her family. I highly respect her decision to do so and with her approval I decided to continue the blog on my own. I hope to share what I have learned and experienced personally as well as what I continue to learn on a daily basis.

Being “healthy” isn’t just about what you consume and taking care of your body.  It is also about feeling happy, being healthy on the inside, having energy, thinking positive, overcoming obstacles, achieving goals, and always finding ways to better ourselves. In today’s society there are so many factors that can negatively affect our lives, such as our food, what we drink, what we use on and for our bodies, what we are exposed to, our mind set, our levels of physical activity and so much more. Many of us are not happy with ourselves, our bodies or even our lives in general. We feel tired, sluggish, depressed and unhappy overall. We are so used to feeling this way that we may not even realize that we have the option of actually feeling amazing without turning to bad habits that only temporally make us feel better. Bad habits become addicting and overtime can do some serious damage to our bodies and our lives. No matter where you are in life it’s never too late or too early to eliminate the bad and bring in the good.

You may be wondering, “Well, where do I begin?” First, you need to understand that you cannot change your entire life for the better over night. This will be a lifelong commitment to yourself. Great things take time! By taking small steps to healthy living, you make it easier for yourself to keep up with your good habits and not fall back into the bad ones. It also allows you to learn what is best for you personally as well as educate yourself on the factors at play in today’s society and what you can do to prevent them.  Set goals and be realistic with them,  while keeping in mind that you can’t control everything but doing your best will go a very long way not just in your own life but in those around you.

Sprouting Healthy Habits was started to help others and to prove that it’s possible for anyone to make healthy changes in their lives and feel wonderful. I love learning new things that can improve our lives and hope that by sharing what I learn we can all sustain a healthy lifestyle that fits our needs. Come join me on my journey to constant self improvement and hope that you can start “sprouting healthy habits”!