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My name is Venessa; everyone calls me Nessie, Nessa, or Ness for short. I was born in Bulgaria but have lived in the USA almost my entire life. I’m happily married to my wonderful husband and best friend. We have a sweet, funny, and loving daughter that makes life a blast! I work as a real estate agent and on my spare time I blog about healthy living. My passion has become health and I absolutely love learning more and more about it.

Growing up with my Bulgarian family is where my interest in natural living started. Even though we lived in the United States we did things common to a typical Bulgarian lifestyle. We ate a lot of Bulgarian food (which is somewhat similar to Mediterranean…fresh vegetables and fruits, some meat, and of course feta cheese on practically everything lol) and did some things the old fashioned way. I’ve learned plenty of great recipes, natural remedies and natural ways of living from my parents, grandparents, and extended family. During my teenage years I was more exposed to the “American lifestyle” and I changed my habits quite a bit. These habits continued when I moved out and even early into our marriage.  After gaining weight and just not being happy with where I was headed, I decided to start making healthy changes. It took some time but eventually I was back to eating fairly healthy and feeling happy about myself. We were in a new home, meeting new friends and making greater changes in living healthy lives.

Eventually I got pregnant and continued eating healthy for the most part. Unfortunately I started losing my appetite and felt sick that really nothing sounded good. The only things I managed to get myself to eat were warm food and junk. This got the best of me and I gained more weight than I should have (also according to my doctor). I made plans to get back on track but didn’t want to start until after we had our baby to be safe. During the remainder of my pregnancy I spent so much time reading and researching natural living. We had decided it would be best to teach our daughter how to eat well and live a healthy life so I was determined to learn a lot more! We slowly started incorporating the things I would learn about in our lives and have not looked back since. After having our daughter it took me about a year to get back into my pre-baby weight and I continued to eat well and have been trying to stay on top of exercising.  I feel better than ever and yes I still eat bad food at times but I think that’s okay on occasion as long as you can stop yourself and get back into your healthy routine.

Over the years friends and family have noticed our changes and I have received questions on how I do things. One day this inspired me to blog about natural healthy living. My friend Cami also wanted to start a blog about healthy living and we ended up starting Sprouting Healthy Habits together. Putting it together has been such an exciting journey and I am happy that this is where I ended up. Since then Cami has decided to move in a different direction but I wanted to continue with the blog and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Sprouting Healthy Habits!

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