50 Healthier Options for Easter Baskets

50 Healthier Options for Easter Baskets

Easter is right around the corner and many of us are running around frantically trying to put together adorable Easter baskets for our kids and even other kids whether they are family or friends. I feel like during any holiday people loosen up a bit and tend to eat some junky food and so does the rest of the family. I have found that personally (by doing so myself, and my family also) It has always caused an unnecessary downward spiral. After the holiday is over I’m sure many of us and myself included are sitting there thinking….well I have a bunch of junk food and candy left over and I don’t like to waste food (or things disguised as food lol) so  we will just finish it off and after that we will eat healthy again. Then after that “junk food” is gone it usually doesn’t end there. We keep getting cravings for more, our kids are constantly asking for more candy, chocolate, chips etc. Society has turned most holidays into shelves filled with candy, cakes, chips, and other crazy things but I’ve come to realize that just because so many people celebrate with those things doesn’t mean you need to as well. Its more fun to start new traditions and with more and more people becoming health conscious many  good options become available. I would still like to give our daughter some treats during any holiday and I feel fine with that but I am happy that there are healthier options to choose from when celebrating and I prefer to let her enjoy healthier treats that the really unhealthy ones. It’s also fun to include a lot of non food related items. My daughter loves doing activities and it also helps me set life aside and do the activities with her which also leaves us with some of the best gifts one could give or receive and that is the memories we make together. Many of the organic candies and treats are way better options than the regular store options they still  can contain sugar and other ingredients that many not be the best. When shopping just make sure to research and look at ingredients to determine what would work best for you and your family. You don’t have to include candy and treats if you don’t want to.  🙂 So, I hope you find help in this list for some healthier ideas for Easter Baskets and hope that can make Easter a bit more stress free for everyone. 🙂

Healthier Easter Basket Options

Food and Treat Options

1. Organic Dark Chocolate 70% Cacao- Many Brands are available some of our favorites are: equal exchange chocolates, endangered species chocolate, Theo Chocolate, sweet riot,righteously raw, loving earth

2. Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies- or other crackers

3. Annie’s Organic Bunny Grahams- or other grahams

4. Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks-

5. Justin’s Organic Peanut Butter Cups-dark chocolate and milk Chocolate

6.Yummy Earth Organics Lollipops- no artificial colors or flavors, organic, gluten free

7. Yummy Earth Organics Gummy Bears, Worms, Or Sour Beans-no artificial colors or flavors, organic, gluten free (sour beans are not organic)

8. Yummy Earth Fruit Snacks-no artificial colors or flavors, organic, gluten free

9. JJ’s Sweets Cocomels (not organic but contain no artificial ingredients and are vegan Caramels made with coconut milk) 

10. Surf Sweets Organic Jelly Beans- No Corn Syrup or GMO’s, Gluten Free, Organic

11. Homemade Gummies, or fruit snacks (there are tons of recipes online)

12. Stretch Island Organic Fruit Leather- No added Sugar, Organic, No Artificial Additives, Non GMO 

13. Homemade Fruit Leather- Also many recipes online 

14. St. Claire’s Organic Candies- Diary Free, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Organic

15.Organic Dehydrated Fruits- Many Brands Available (make sure they don’t add any sugar)

16. Go Raw Super Cookies-  Raw, Organic No Added Sugar, Oils, Flour, or Animal Products

17. Laughing Giraffe Organics Snakaroons- Raw, Organic

18. Amy E’s Organic- Toffee and Peanut Brittle- No Additives and all made from scratch

19. Bumble Bar Organic Bars- Organic, Gluten Free, Non Gmo

20. Jovial Cookies-Organic, Gluten Free Options, 

21. Other Healthy Snacks that your kids love (it doesn’t even have to be candy)

Non Food Ideas

1. Stickers

2. Crayons

3. Markets

4. Pencils

5. Coloring Books

6. Outfit

7. Accessories- Hair Accessories for girls, Ties and hats for boys

8. Nail Polish

9. Small cars

10. Tickets to a movie or show they would like

11. BOOKS!

12. Shoes or rather “shoooesies” as my daughter would say 🙂

13. Small Toys

14. New Movie or show

15. “coupon” (homemade or tickets) to local zoo, or park date (you can make a coupon to take them to cool places and let them choose when they want to go)

16. Stuffed Animals ( to add to their enormous collection 😉

17. Accessories for toys they already own

18. Puzzles

19. Board Games you can all play together

20. Bubbles

21. Chalk

22. Paints

23. Play dough

24. Balloons

25. Finger puppets or regular Puppets

26. Kids Gardening tools

27. Sandbox / water table toys

28.  Small Plastic Animals

29. Outdoor Activity Games/sports, Tennis, beach ball, soccer ball, football etc




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