30 Day Simple Fitness Challenge

30 Day Simple Fitness Challenge

So lately I’ve really been in need of some kind of boost. I have good days where I’m totally motivated, going over goals, making steps to achieve them etc. but I also have my days where I drag myself out of bed, barley get breakfast ready for my daughter, then I do that zombie walk from the kitchen to the couch…you know the one leg dragging behind you while your slouched over….ok, kidding! Yet it seriously feels that way, I don’t get anything done on those days, and I just tell myself how I don’t feel like doing this, or that and I’m kind of over it! I’ve started listening to motivational audio books and am really trying hard to make changes that stay consistent.

For the month of March I decided to do some 30 day challenges. From fitness, to washing my face, dry brushing, listening to my audio books etc. small steps to big changes really.

Then I thought….maybe others would want to do them with me!

The 30 day fitness challenge for the month that is my top priority is fitness related and I know I’m a couple days late on posting about them but better late than never. So…that being said I want YOU to do them with me! I know your probably rolling your eyes, thinking what good does that do me, 30 days seems like forever, or I won’t get anything out of this or whatever. I’m here to tell you that you WILL! It may sound nothing but it can motivate you to do bigger and better things next month or the month after. It can be a way to take baby steps into starting to see results as well. Each day you push yourself a little bit harder and by the end of the month, or April 3rd you will see results and realize how much more you can do! Starting anything is always the hardest part so starting small makes it so much easier!

Please also keep in mind that if this is too much for you or even too little you can always do less for the requested # of whatever your doing or you can do more if you feel like you need to. There are no limits other than to do them daily. I am doing this 30 day challenge and still doing other workouts and yoga but if for some reason I can’t get to the workout for the day or the yoga I at least feel better knowing I did something! You can do that too if you prefer 🙂 The Challenge for this Month consists of Squats, Crunches, Push ups and Planks. I may even follow up within a week or two to go over my progress and to see how others are doing. So I hope you join in and do them with me! Feel free to post comments or send me emails related to the challenge I would love to hear your tips and ideas too! I’m no fitness expert or anything but I am trying hard to learn because I really want to make fitness a consistent part of my life and I would love to help others do so also! So lets get started!

email me at sproutinghealthyhabits@gmail.com

30 Day Squats, Push-ups, Planks, Crunches Printout



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