20 Fun Date Ideas For Couples

20 Fun Date Ideas For Couples

Dating, having fun, and just doing things together is extremely important for a healthy relationship. Spending time together on a regular basis can help you build a stronger bond, learn more about each other and can make you happier overall. Dinner and a movie seem to be the most common of  date nights, but to spice things up its fun to do different unusual things for a date.   For some reason its the hardest thing to decide what to do on a date night. I’m sure everyone is familiar with the what do you want to do… I don’t know what do you want to do… conversation. It can go on forever right! Having date nights is something you should make time for and if you can’t think of anything to do here is a pretty good list I put together from past experiences and a few sources. Now go and plan a date night!!

20 date ideas for couples

1. Puzzle or Lego night at Home

Put together a puzzle or build something together with Legos while enjoying snacks and listening to music.

2. Scavenger Hunt around town

Make a list of things to see, take photos of, or do together. It can be more complicated or simple depending on what you feel like. You can add in things like find a new ice cream shop, or take a photo in a park etc

3. Living Room Campout

Sometimes its hard to get out of town or even too cold to go camping. The next best thing is have one in your living room! Set up a tent, pile up blankets and pillows, have dinner, snacks, games and more.

4. Mini Golf, Laser Tag or other fun games

One of our favorite date nights actually involved Cami and her husband. We went out to dinner and had time to spare so spontaneously we decided to go play mini golf and had a blast!

5. Outdoor Movie or Drive in

Its not hard to find places locally that screen movies outdoors especially in the summer, just bring a blanket, some good food, and watch a movie outside. In the colder months drive ins are just as much fun, you can sit in the warmth of  your car or if you have a truck, van or suv you can lay in the back with blankets.

6. Arcade night

A fun thing my husband and I would do is go to random arcades and play games all night. Ok, ok not literally all night but for quite a while! We live in Vegas so on the strip you can go from hotel to hotel and find some really neat arcades.

7. Spa Night at Home

Give each other massages, take a nice hot bath together, If your husband agrees you can even do facials, or pedicures. Use candles and aromatherapy to really give you that “spa” feel.

8. Game night (video games, board games or other)

Playing games vs each other or even as a team is so much fun!

9. Go explore nature

Whether its hiking, relaxing, or visiting a national park. Being outdoors is so refreshing and what better way to enjoy it even more by making it a date!

10. Theme night at home

Pick a theme, it can be anything from Italian, to a night in Paris, a beach theme, basically anything you can think of. Plan your night around that theme by cooking dinner or even order dinner based on your theme, maybe watch a movie that goes along with it or even a game. You can even decorate to make it feel more realistic.

11. Star Gazing

If you have a truck this would be ideal, if not then you can lay in your trunk if you have an suv or even lay on the trunk of your car. Grab Blankets, pillows or whatever to make you both comfortable and find a secluded spot with good star visibility and just relax.

12. Stay-cation

If you are able, reserve a room at a hotel for a night somewhere in your city and act like tourists!

13. Take a class together

Learning things as a couple is always fun! Find something you both would enjoy and sign up!

14. Go on a picnic

It doesn’t have to be anywhere in particular you can even go to your local park. Bring a blanket, make or pick up some food and spend the day together.

15. Goal Planning

Write down goals together, search for dream homes (realtor.com) is a great site for this,  plan a pretend vacation,  or make a dream board with things both of you would want to achieve in the future.

16. Cook something

Have a baking night, or just cook a nice meal as a couple. Help each other out and have fun! Make a mess too! (who cares If you have a bunch to clean up later!)

17. Create or Build something

I cannot emphasize enough how much “working” together helps build your relationship. Pick a project and do it together.

18. Go for a drive

Doesn’t matter where, when or for how long,  just go for a drive together. You may even end up somewhere wonderful!

19. Go shopping without shopping

Visit stores and just browse around. Like the pet store, or the bookstore (which is always a blast), or stores you both enjoy. Find things you would buy together, or this could be a huge bonus to find out what your significant other may want for the holidays! Sneaky Sneaky!

20. Find a secret “place”

Something I have always wanted to do but still haven’t had the chance yet,  is to find a place my husband and I can go together and call it our “spot” where we can just go and relax, hang out, talk and enjoy each other’s company.


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